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My name is Darek and I would like to welcome all of you on my website, which is devoted to my companion of hunting expeditions, Gery (ANGRY OD HOSTALKY) – the dog of Chesapeake Bay Retriever.

Hunting and especially waterfowling with  decoys is my the biggest passion. That type of hunting requires well-behaved dog’s possession, preferably from retrievers’ group of hunter. I was thinking about choosing an appropriate breed for a very long time. After having read many articles in foreign press and opinions on various forums devoted to hunting dogs, I chose the breed which is practically unpopular in Poland - CHESAPEAKE BAY RETRIEVER. What fascinated me the most in hunters’ opinions about the breed, was their huge hunting passion, intelligence and fact that they are one-owner dogs. In the USA, where the breed comes from, it is said that it is Marine Crops among Retrievers.

Next phase was finding proper dogs’ breeding. It wasn’t an easy thing, because in Poland there wasn’t any. After many hours spent in the internet, I found on the Czech forum the information that in the Od Hostalky breeding there are two puppies left of  Chesapeake Bay Retriever breed and what is the most important – their mother Atta is used to hunt. I set up beneath Brno to Kuchar family and after several tests I decided to choose Gery (reportedly the most mean gourmand of the brood).

After four years of cooperative hunts, exercises I don’t regret the choice of the breed and, of course, Gery, I also think that Cheasapeaks’ philosophy „ hunting is life, the rest are just details” is absolutely true. Those dogs live to hunt. That’s why, with a clear conscience I recommend that breed to all hunting freaks, and especially to wildfowlers.